Siobhan Aslett09.28.2016

Sports betting solutions and management services provider, SBTech, has signed a deal with Hero Gaming to become the software provider for its new gamified sportsbook, Betser.

Powered by SBTech, Betser will offer a twin-track loyalty program, as well as unified betting journeys which allows players to improve on their personal accomplishments and compete against others.

Hero Gaming, which operates the successful Casino Heroes, said that Betser was inspired by the success of social betting, private betting leagues and fantasy football.

“Working with like-minded partners who are pushing the boundaries of online sports betting is at the heart of our corporate mission,” announced Richard Carter, chief executive of SBTech.

“As leaders in the fields of Live Betting and data-driven personalisation, we have been delighted to have been chosen to provide the software supporting Betser, a product which we believe defines the emerging reality of gamified online betting.”

The twin-track loyalty system applied by Hero Gaming to Betser, allows players to earn points for low-risk (brainy) bets, as well as high-risk (ballsy) bets, resulting in a program called “Balls and Brains”. These points can be exchanged for Free Bets in the “locker room”. The League Points program runs in parallel with players able to move through divisions on a social leaderboard by earning achievements when they compete against one another.

“We don’t aim just to please players with good products – our strategy is to WOW! them by pushing the boundaries of the industry,” stated Magnus Alebo, chief executive of Hero Gaming.

“With Casino Heroes, we redefined the online casino experience by putting gaming and adventure at the core of the product offering. Betser likewise offers players a much more engaging betting journey by rewarding both their courage and skills, and by allowing them to measure themselves, compete and interact with other players.”