Siobhan Aslett03.23.2017

Irish bookmaker, Paddy Power, has opened a new role and is advertising for a “Head of Trump Betting”. The successful candidate will manage all special bets for the company’s “Trump Hub.”

Paddy Power is looking to fill the position for three months to manage the more than 100 markets they currently offer on the US President. In addition, the successful candidate will need to come up with new special bets for the Trump Hub.

The company, which has become well known for its marketing stunts, insists that this is a serious employment opportunity, despite the entertainment value of the advertisement, which read: “With more than 100 special bets online, the successful candidate will monitor and manage existing Trump markets while devising new specials to launch. They will also need to build a wall around the hub to ensure foreign bets don’t get in.”

“Being able to harness high volumes of data using real-time trading applications in a high-pressure environment when timing will always be of the essence,” the ad continued. “Or, failing that, an ability to make something up on the spot and stand by it resolutely, shouting down anyone that disagrees.”

The special Trump Hub was launched last month, despite the bookmaker taking a huge beating last year when they lost $6.2 million (€5.8 million) paying out early on Hillary Clinton winning the election.

There are some outlandish markets currently available on Trump, such as enhanced odds that he will be impeached and that Mexico will directly fund the wall planned for the border with the US. You can bet that Trump will get on Mt Rushmore, that he will ban the theory of evolution in the US, which member of his cabinet will be fired and even that he will announce the existence of alien life.