Irish mobile social casino games developer, KamaGames, has partnered with instant messaging app, Viber, to launch a series of new communication features for their customers, starting with a unique version of their popular 3D blackjack game.

The new blackjack game will allow players to enjoy their favourite casino game while chatting to friends at the same time via the Viber Messaging app. This new game combines a popular title with a new to create a unique product. In creating the social game product, players will be able to make use of an existing Viber username and photo and import their Viber contacts into their friends list for the Blackjack game so that they can connect even to friends who are not at the Blackjack table at the time.

“Viber’s reach and engaged communities in key markets of interest to KamaGames has made this partnership a natural choice,” announced Andrey Kuznetsov, managing director of KamaGames Dublin.

“This is another step in allowing more players to engage with our games and to further boost the KamaGames global footprint as we continue our worldwide expansion.”

The new game includes features that are popular with players, an interface and modes from the Android and iOS versions of the game that the company has now redeveloped to be compatible with the Viber platform, resulting in the completely unique product.

“We are constantly looking for new and unique ways to keep our users engaged. The addition of KamaGames 3D Blackjack boosts our offering of premium social casino games and we are looking forward to a long and successful partnership with the release of more of KamaGames’ titles in the future across the Viber network,” stated Shai Magzimof, head of games at Viber.