Cameron Murphy09.01.2016

The International Boxing Association (AIBA) is planning to take disciplinary action against judges and referees who were dismissed from the Rio Olympics and sent home following controversial decisions in a number of boxing matches.

An unspecified number of judges and referees were sent home from the Olympics after AIBA ruled that they had not met its officiating standards. AIBA has announced that “individuals and associated federations have been forwarded to the disciplinary commission for further investigation, with appropriate actions to follow.”

One of the most controversial decisions made in the Olympics included in the 56kg bantamweight quarterfinal boxing match between Irish boxer Michael Conlan and Russian boxer Vladimir Nikitin. The match was awarded to Nikitin despite several commentators believing that Conlan should have won. Conlan launched a tirade against AIBA following his loss.

This; however, was not the only contentious decision of the Rio Olympics. Several commentators felt that Ireland’s lightweight boxing champion Katie Taylor should have won her bout against Finland’s Mira Potkonen and there was also controversy in the heavyweight final when Russian Evengy Tischenko was announced the winner against Khazakstan boxer Vassily Levit.

AIBA stressed that all judges are expected to conduct themselves with “respect, fairness, integrity and transparency.” They announced that the commission met in Lausanne earlier this week in order to review the questionable judgements that led to widespread reproach of the system of judging. The commission has highlighted a number of decisions made in the Olympic fights and will take action according to their findings.

AIBA has also announced that they are considering a review of the certification process for judges and referees and will consider introducing a five-judge scoring system to help prevent this from occurring again in the future.